Swollen knee – week 2 – Wait, Wait, the good news!

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Training for the Eugene Marathon in May, 2011. My intent is to strengthen my body… what is the lesson I’m to learn here from this knee?

Tried to do a 30 minute training on the treadmill after the strength training class at CourtSports.  Curiously the run wasn’t stellar – actually it kind of sucked!  I usually eat a  Shaklee Energy “Chew” before I run or swim, and that day I didn’t. Hmmm…

I’m really trying to get away from judgment on my work outs. Wanting to learn what the lesson is – what worked, what didn’t work, for the next work out. Beginning to track my workouts in my Chi running journal.


On my outside runs’ I use my Garmin 305, then I print the page using Snagit and add it to my food diary file.

The Good News, got on the scale and I have made my first bench mark! Really! I was so focused on GETTING to the bench mark, that I didn’t even think about “after”.  Well, “after” I lost another pound!  This diet is working! My body is liking it, I have energy for my work outs! And, I’m getting healthier! Love!

OK. Off to swim. I haven’t swam since forever – about a week or so. My body really likes the water – the stretching out, being supported by the water… and the weight loss!

I have been putting it off all morning, and now it’s time. Not sure how the knee will do.

Just had xrays on Friday. Couldn’t get in to see the Chiro for 2 weeks. Drat!

And I’m so grateful that I can swim, that I can move, that I’m alive!

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