What Do Healthy Fish and Healthy Skin have in Common?

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What Do Healthy Fish and Healthy Skin have in Common?

Hi, I’m Robin Forster, with FeelSoALive. As many of you know, I have partnered with  the Shakee Corporation, a 50 year old company that has been setting the standards for quality non- toxic house hold,  personal care an nutritional  products for over 50 years. And as a Corporation, they have been carbon neutral for since 2000.  The Shaklee Corporation is the number one Natural Nutrition Company in the United States.

Today I want to talk about “What Do Healthy Fish and healthy Skin have in Common?”

Why this talk? One of my skills is noticing problems and figuring out ways to resolve them.  Thankfully, my home based business supports me in following my passion around health and the environment.

I want to tell you a little story.

One day, when I was walking the dog up the street from our home, I noticed that one of my neighbors had a new, shiny car parked in front of his house. A few days later, as the dog and I took our walk, the sun was sunning, it was a beautiful day, and I noticed that my neighbor was washing his new car in his driveway.  I saw all the soapy water running into the storm drain at the corner of the street.  This got me to wondering, where does that soapy water go?

And then I remembered having seen a little medallion near a storm drain. The medallion said: No Dumping    Drains To Stream.

strom to stream pic_4-19-2013 4-35-24 PM

I wondered, what does that really mean? And the investigation began….

Here is what I found out:

In the Eugene or Springfield area, storm water runs directly into the rivers. No filters, no treatment plant, just detergent, run off from our yards, pollutants dumping right into the rivers where we fish and swim!

Some of those Pollutants are eroded soil, oil, metals, bacteria, pesticides and fertilizers which can destroy fish habitat.

Would you eat something, or feed it to your children, if you knew it could cause problems for their brain, heart, kidney, lungs and immune system development? Of course not.

But one of the toxins is a  metal –  mercury, which is why pregnant women and children are advised against eating any species of resident fish (Spring Chinook and steelhead) due to mercury and PCB contamination.

But fish consume the Mercury that we dump into the rivers – they eat it, we eat them. How does this one chemical, Mercury get into our Fish? Mercury gets into our environment from Coal-burning power plants that release it into the air. The mercury falls back to earth and gets into lake and oceans.  There is some mercury in fluorescent light bulbs and CFL bulbs.

Did you know that it will take 50 to 100 years to reduce mercury to low enough levels that resident fish are no longer hazardous to eat?

Ok, so washing a car in our driveway, with a toxic product, isn’t as simple as we thought, is it?

What about in our homes? Did you know that almost 94 % of all poisonings occurred in the home?

Some of the toxic substances that many people have in their homes include: drain cleaners, oven cleaners, laundry detergents, floor or furniture polish, paints and pesticides. Did you know that you can’t just throw them into the trash?  They are considered hazardest waste.

Did you know that Tide detergent was found to contain high levels of 1,4-Dioxane a carcinogenic contaminant?

In your laundry soap! You are washing your clothes in it, and then wearing the clothes that you washed, in toxins.

How does that make you feel?

What does our Skin have in common with Fish?

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. For the average adult, we carry about 8 pounds of skin, or 22 square feet. That’s about the size of that door way…

We know that what we put from the outside in counts, and what you take from the inside out counts.

So if you are putting in toxins, chemicals and junk food that will influence the health of your skin. We get sick, we feel tired, grumpy, depressed have gas, bloating, gall bladder problems, ongoing colds and the list goes on and on… when we are not eating healthy.

Did you know that our skin contains natural oils which create what’s known as our “acid mantel.” This barrier wards off unfriendly bacteria/organisms and seals in moisture. Soaps, detergents and detrimental ingredients in personal care products can damage this leaving our skin vulnerable.

We all know how unhealthy skin looks like, right?

Dull, dry, flaky, maybe the color is a little off? Maybe disorders like eczema or psoriasis…

]enfuselle before and after pic

Look at this women’s face on the far left, is under normal light

The next picture ( in the middle) is of the damage done  to her skin (this picture is under UV light). See all the brown spots that the sun and the environmental damage have caused?  Notice also some sagging in her skin. The Collagen – which is a mesh of protein – is breaking down under her skin.

The last picture, the “After” picture, is after using the Shaklee Enfuselle skin care system for over 3 months. This system includes high levels of Vitamin C and E to help with healing and Collagen repair. Why vitamin C? It is essential for the creation of collagen.

Did you know that our skin reaches its peak of strength and health at age 35?

Our bodies work best, when given the nutrients to remain healthy – not chemicals, not toxins, but real nutrients.

What Do Healthy Fish and Healthy Skin have in Common? Lots

With healthily fish, we don’t have to worry about Mercury contamination, and can enjoy the benefits of the Omega  fatty acids  which can reduce dryness and inflammation. Inflammation can cause skin to age faster, and may cause disorders like eczema and psoriasis. Omeg-3 fatty acids can also improve the circulation, which is super important for skin health.

So, what can we do?

We can stop using toxic products, there really is no need. If you are not sure how to switch, please talk to me, and/or check out my web site, www.FeelSoAlive.biz

If you are planning a car wash fundraiser – please check out this blog post that I wrote explaining how to do a Green Car Wash.   www.FeelSoAliveblog.com

We can read the ingredients in the product that we pay money for. We can stop using products that make us and our families sick.

  • I have a challenge for you tonight – when you go home, take a glove of garlic, open it, and put it in your shoe. Look at the clock, and see how long it takes before you start to taste garlic! Seriously.


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