Where is my mind? And my keys and and… so forgetful!

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Mindful Monday…women walking into room

Have you ever walked into a room, and forgot why you went in there in the first place?

Have you put your keys somewhere… and have no idea where you put them?

Are you the kind of person that likes to chase  after every bright and shiny object that comes near you?

I am!

I’m guessing that you are too!

I have made all kinds of modifications/adaptations to my life, to help me deal with this “forgetfulness.”

If you are like me, I bet you have too!jump for joy

I have good news!

I have found something that is giving me back my mind!

Of course that sounds bizarre!

Who would of thought?

Ok, let me know tell you what is happening, and not happening with me, and you be the judge.


The first  couple of days, I noticed my vision had changed/shifted. It was like someone had changed the resolution, in a fabulous way! Everything that I was seeing, seemed to be a bit clearer, brighter (in a good way) and sharper. Strange, in a very awesome way. And yes, another person also had the same experience!

Then I started to notice, that I felt more “grounded” more “solid”. Since I’m a bit ADHA, and will follow almost any bright and shiny object, down any rabbit hole, I was impressed!  I could actually sit, and think, and actually read ALL of the directions – not just skim the first few words of every paragraph.

And then, there was the remembering – the being able to bring out those “tip of tongue” words or names, that in the past have stayed on the tip of my tongue. As that ever happened to you? You know the word, or the persons name, you can “almost” say it, but not quite.

I’m remembering more, being able to access more info in my brain, feeling more “grounded” and actually feeling like I’m functioning at a “more” level.

I have always hated the “you are not working to your potential” statements that I heard all through school – Did you hear the same thing?  Annoying, wasn’t it?

Now, I’m feeling like I can tap more of that “potential”!

Who knew?

Dreams… you know what? I’m remembering my dreams now! It’s fabulous!

And the last thing that I noticed just last week-end, well, my husband and are just don’t work really well together when doing household projects – kind of like gasoline and matches!  This past week-end we were able to finish two projects off our “To-Do” list. Two old projects that had been hanging around for far to long.

That was it! We got two things done. Complete! Quickly, efficiently… worked together and got it done!

I’m totally surprised, and amazed, in a fabulous way!

Doesn’t this sound like something you want to check out? Don’t you want to join us?

Here is the link to more information and shopping on my web site: http://robinandrick.myshaklee.com/us/en/about.html


Like to try a sample?

While supplies last: www.startsampling.com/mindworks referral code: ZF06186

Wondering about what others have to say?


Check out what other people are saying (testimonials):


Bob F. (IA)

Bob F was one of the first users of Mindworks in July 2014. He said, “I felt like my mind had been lubricated, two days into Mindworks the difference was palpable. Can’t wait to see what happens down the road!”


And later…    “Here’s another apparent Mindworks impact. Last night, while eating Amish noodles, I had the powerful memory of that taste from homemade noodles made by parents at the little rural school in Savoy, Illinois I attended in third grade. My father was on sabbatical, and we stayed at a U of I farm outside of Champaign. I started to describe the taste, and the vivid picture-memories of the farm came flooding in. I started to describe to everyone the details of the duck eggs we’d find by the pond, what you found when dissecting an owl pellet, and many other vivid details. They are actually there in awareness now. It seems to be an enhanced capacity to bring back visuals from long ago. Let’s see if it persists, and whether it generalizes to other memories and capacity to hold things vividly in mind. I also seem more capable of discerning what needs to be done, and overcoming mental inertia to do them. Again, let’s see if that persists. So far so good!”


Bob J. (NH)

“My husband, Bob, has had Parkinson’s Disease for many years.  Lately it has been much worse. In comes Mindworks.  Amazing!! He had been having trouble focusing on computer work. He couldn’t even do bills this past month. He had been falling so much trying to walk.  Awful!

“….Bob has been on Mindworks for a week now. He has been working on the computer again, and right now is on the tractor lifting logs off the driveway from a mini tornado.

“….Bob was even up before dawn today, mowing our secret garden area! SHAKLEE has been a great help all along, but Mindworks is a miracle!  His walking is something to see. He was walking on rubbery legs (his explanation) and as of this AM he is walking with long strides.”


 Susan H. (NC)

 “You know I don’t write a great deal but I just had to share this one with you as it is personal. And you know that I tend to shy away from testimonials. Not that I don’t find them meaningful – I do. It’s just that they are not scientific. Being in academia for over 30 years, it is a common practice that we are forced (sometimes against our will) to think that only reports complete with empirical data published in peer reviewed journals have any validity.  Also – I knew someone quite well who was utterly incapable of separating the two, and insisted if something was written in Readers Digest – well… it just had to be true.


“However, when something works well, I am more than happy to pass it along to my friends; like recipes, high heel shoes that don’t hurt my feet and any anti-ageing potions of reasonable measure. Ok, I found one – in the last category – of sorts. It’s called MindWorks.


“First allow me to confess that I am the Queen of ADD and have been all my life. Where are my books? Shoes? Glasses? Sit still. Don’t doodle! Squirrel!!! You get the picture.  After a while one learns to live with it and exchanges the label ‘ADD’ with ‘multitasking’ to save face.  The fact that my students call me ‘Professor’ still is a mystery to some – including me at times.


“Getting back to the story: When SHAKLEE announced the new MindWorks I was thinking;  ‘Ok perhaps it will help my failing memory, make me young again, and allow me to wear my 3 inch heels’. Putting humor aside for a moment, I can tell you memory loss was really starting to bother me. I was pushing 60 and expecting some loss of cognition and recall, but I also knew I was dealing with issues far beyond that – and it frightened me.  You see, from age 46 to 56 I had lived in an extremely stressful state. I had the usual stress that came from getting a divorce, losing home, income, dealing with a hormonal teen intent on pushing me to the limits of insanity, caring for aging sick parents, dying friends, etc. You get the picture – the typical sandwich generational stuff.  All came a screeching halt however when my only child, my son, was almost killed in a car accident four years ago. He was on life support for a week, 27 broken bones and having the nurse tell us they didn’t know what his ‘new normal’ would look like.  My world stopped and I could not breathe.


“After three weeks of hospital vigilance we saw he would live and I found myself back in the classroom standing in front of my students who were waiting for the lecture de jour. Only one problem – I didn’t know where I was or what I was supposed to be doing. Truly, I found myself frozen as a deer caught in the headlights first day back.  I knew I was in class, but that was about it. At least I had enough awareness to check the date and time on the computer to see where I was and what I was supposed to teach that day.  Lucky for me, my lectures were posted on-line so I pulled it up and hoped I was on point. It was scary. My therapist told me afterwards it was classic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and that it would take time for my memory to come back.  Great.


“As the years went on, I saw my memory slowly resurfacing – to a point.  But still I would say I was at half the recall of what I was before the accident. Then the samples of MindWorks came along from SHAKLEE. However by this time I had resigned myself to the fact that I’d have to use detailed notes to teach from this point on and I would never remember your name – even if you were a family member.


“Long story short: The first day of taking MindWorks I felt a gentle mental awakening with more clarity but I wasn’t really paying too much attention to results.  Then one day, the same week, in class I found myself on the other side of the room – totally engaged in the subject realizing I had just taught 30 minutes without looking at my notes! Next day – same thing! Whoot whoot!!!  Later the next week I found myself working well into the afternoon and actually making sense which had become a rarity past 4PM. Teaching in the morning was not just a preference – it was a necessity! But here I was again: Energy – clarity – focus!  The results were enough to make me a believer!!


“But what I noticed next was not promoted in the product literature and came as treasured surprise.   You see, along with all the stress of those hard years came a certain level of depression – clinical depression. My doctors all told me that one cannot sustain the levels of stress that I had for all those years without having the pool of ‘feel good’ brain chemicals bottom out.  To remedy it I was given the usual round of Rx’s to help but they didn’t help:  Prozac turned me into a zombie and Welbutrin made me a raging lunatic – according to my son.  Nope – I settled on St. Johns Wart much to the chagrin of my MD as she said it would never get my brain chemistry back to the high levels needed to feel joyful again. It helped – a little – but I had resigned myself to the fact that I may never have those light peace filled feelings again.    Why do I bring this up?  Because this past week I have noticed a joy fill bliss creeping back into my mornings. One morning after a calm read the joy fairy just kind of settled in and a tear of gratitude rolled down my face. Yes, there was a way out of the brain dead pit – and it seems to be called Mindworks. At least it was for me.


“I do feel we have a natural ADD/ADHD product here. Of course we can’t say that, being laymen, but it certainly appears to have properties to help. My son (23) said it made him feel anxiety at first, but then he took 2 CalMags and a Stress Relief with it, and had the same focus, minus the anxiety. How I wish I would have had this combination 12 years ago when he was started on Adderall. So many studies today link drug addiction to early use of ADHD medication as children.


“So there you go my friends: my testimonial. I am sleeping better too BTW way. And my retention of facts and focus keeps getting better.  They tell me that Mindworks also helps reduce brain shrinkage by 30% over 2 years according to the clinical study. That’s impressive but right now I am just tickled pink to get my brain back!!”


Mary K (FL)

“I have noticed an elevation in mood, and I never felt depressed before.  I just was unaware of what it meant to feel ‘lighter.’ You know when sometimes people tell you ‘lighten up,’ and you wonder why they said that to you.

Well, I truly feel ‘lighter,’ and I had not realized what it meant to ‘lighten up’ until I started using MindWorks!


 Mary B (NY)

“Wow! I too was in an accident, which totaled my new Prius 2 yrs. ago.  This testimony helped me understand what has happened to my mind!  My First Day with MindWorks at Long Beach, after wondering why everything had been so confusing, felt like my brain got whitewashed…. all clarity returned.  I had no idea it could be the after effects of the accident. I think it is improving my eyesight as well, had to use a magnifying glass for item codes all the time and noticed huge improvement.”


Micki  R. (CO) 

“I have gone to SHAKLEE Conferences for 20 years, and every year I tend to get overwhelmed by all of the information, activity, stimulation, people contact, etc…(each year getting somewhat more difficult as I age) In comes MindWorks!! I began taking it 5 days before the conference in Long Beach, and I will have to say that this is the first year that my brain hasn’t ‘hurt.’ My head wasn’t fuzzy like in the past! This was the first year that I also attended Future Masters (an extra couple of days of meetings), so I thought I was going to be ‘wiped out’ but I wasn’t. In fact the opposite was true; I felt very focused, energized, and ready to go at the end of each day. Thank you SHAKLEE for once again adding an incredible, break-through product just when I needed it most!! It is going to be life-changing for many!!!”


Sonia P. (KY) 

“I started taking MindWorks a couple of weeks ago.

“While I already take several other supplements, such as OmegaGuard, Vivix and Vitalizer, I noticed a difference right away in my ability to stay focused, learn new things at my job and be able to have all day long productivity.

“I do not know if this new product is involved or not, but the dreams I have are very detailed and I remember them the next day.  Not usually the case with dreams.

“My job can be stressful at times, and I certainly take Stress Relief Complex as needed, but also taking MindWorks really helps me stay calm and stay focused on the task at hand. Terrific combination!”


Trudy B. (TN)

“I have noticed better memory, focus, alertness, energy, and mood.  Love it!”



Lyn S. (OH)

“Normally, I am not a skeptic.  But I was when it came to Mind Works.  Even after listening to the explanations, I wasn’t convinced.  Then I took the product. WOW! I have always had an unusual amount of energy but never good focusing abilities. The very first day here is what happened. Took the Mind Works with my morning shake and we went to church at 8:30. After coming home and changing clothes, I moved all summer clothes to another closet down the hall.  Then brought fall clothes back to our closet. Next tackled cleaning out storage closet of clothes to donate. Meanwhile, I did three loads of laundry. I then began the process of watering indoor plants.  That takes a couple of hours by the time I trim, fertilize, etc. After that, I watered the 6 big Boston ferns in the front porch and cleaned off the porch. By now it is around 2:00 and I typed a three page letter to a cousin in a rehab center. Finally cooked a huge Sunday dinner for us. The following day was similar in terms of energy, focus, and drive.  I am accomplishing tons more than I used to and I am 69 years old.Monday, I cleaned two floors of our three floors.  And did some major deep cleaning in preparation for upcoming entertaining.On top of that, I ran the office and put together orders to go into the mail today.I cannot say enough about Mind Works.Except to say….Mind Works really works!”


Tammy W (NC)

STROKE SYMPTOMS IMPROVED WITH MINDWORKS: Jeff, a friend and customer, just shared this with me: “I started taking MindWorks last week and I can tell you for certain my energy level has increased greatly! For those of you that do not know me , I suffered a stroke this past January and my recovery has gone well , but since taking MindWorks not only has my energy level increased but believe it or not I have greatly increased the use of my right arm and hand ! I have to admit I was a little skeptical before starting MindWorks but it is definitely something I would highly recommend to each and everyone!”




1:30 MIN VIDEO: MindWorks Product Introduction  http://vimeo.com/103293745


6:00 MIN VIDEO: The Science Behind MindWorks http://vimeo.com/103293972 


1:30 MIN VIDEO Thanks for being ONE IN A MILLION.  http://vimeo.com/104447663


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