Wound Healing

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** Disclaimer. This blog post is not exhaustive nor inclusive of all available information. There is a lot of information available on wound healing.  The intent of this blog post is to briefly curate supplemental methods of supporting wounds as they heal. This blog post assumes that you are under the care of a medical professional, and will consult with that professional before trying anything that your professional hasn’t recommended. This blog post is not about diagnosing, treating, etc. **


Some wounds are created on purpose

Think of a broken bone after an accident, perhaps a jaw bone after a bike accident, or a broken leg after a skiing accident. It may need to be rebuilt and or repaired. 

Medical staff create wounds by cutting into the skin, down to the bone, and then, adding a pin or two or more, and screws, etc., to strengthen the bone, at the site of the accident.

Think about that person, who now has a strengthened, or rebuilt bone, with pins and screws.

And, the wound. For some, the medical procedure called “debridement” is employed to help the wound heal by removing tissue that may be creating a breeding ground for infections.

According to  the article on the nCBI.gov website, the goal of wound debridement for chronic wounds is to “ensure that the wound remains free of contamination and bacteria.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK507882/


Supporting Wound Healing


I have curated this blog post because accidents and surgeries happen. This blog post is for people who are looking for ways to support their healing.

I want to thank the healer community that I reached out, to for responding to my email about wound healing and sharing their experiences and skills. 

Many healers said that this is not their specialty. 

Lada Korol, a Reiki Master, and Trainer shared that “in general, there are a number of healing modalities that can be useful, including Reiki and Theta healing to prayer and nutritional support. It’s all about giving the body 100% of the resources to self-heal.” 

I really appreciated the responses from this awesome community! 

Cindy Myers, a long-distance healer, who give me permission to share her skills,  said that what she can do it to boost the energy and keep their energetic body flowing while the healing is happening. Getting energy flowing is the key to supporting the body as it works to heal and supports doctors as they do their thing.


Cindy also suggested using a  PEMG device of some sort. Since I have no idea what that is, I searched online, and from the Univesity of California Irvine I found this article:  “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy; A non-drug option for Pain.”   https://ssihi.uci.edu/tip/pulsed-electromagnetic-field-therapy-a-non-drug-option-for-pain/

Apparently, in the research,  it is challenging to sort out exactly “specific intensities, frequencies, or waveforms for particular conditions” the article stated. 

Even so, they have found a number of possible benefits including a decrease in Pain, Swelling & Inflammation, and Improvement in circulation, cellular metabolism & energy.

They may be an option to explore. 

For anyone looking to get in touch with Cindy Myers (she is a long-distance healer) she can be reached at www.YourEnergyHealer

In the Eugene/Springfield area (Oregon), the OsteoStrong office in Springfield may have a PEMG device. You can reach out to them at: 541.780.1001 or https://centers.osteostrong.me/oregon-springfield/

According to the Mayo Clinic using a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, “which includes breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized environment” is a “well-established treatment for decompression sickness, potential risk of scuba diving. Other conditions treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy include serious infections… and wounds that may not heal as a result of diabetes or radiation injury.”

For those of us wondering how this helps, the article goes on to explain that the extra oxygen helps your body to fight bacteria and promote healing. https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy/about/pac-20394380

In the Eugene/Springfield, Oregon community there are wound centers at Mckenzie-Willamette Wound Center, Peach Health, and also new Leaf Hyperbarics of Eugene https://www.newleafeugene.com/


What does nutritional Support for Wound Healing mean?

This link is to an excellent article on wound healing, by Douglas MacKay, nD, and Alan L. Miller, nD. In the abstract, they talk about how the body’s demand for nutritional support is intensified as the body works on healing. Add to that the possibilities of infection and inflammation – the body needs nutritional support! The authors include in this review, what nutrients are needed to support healing, how much to take and why.  Click here to read the review. https://chiro.org/nutrition/FULL/Wound_Healing.pdf


In the book “What Do I Feel This Way?” by  By Christine Gaber, RHn and Charlene Day, RDC they talk about “Essential” nutrients for wound healing including: Optiflora (a probiotic), Protein, Vitamin C, and next in importance are Vitamins D, E, and Alfalfa, B-Complex and Garlic. If you look at page 231 (attached pdf) you can see their recommendations: 



Looking for a brief explanation of the recommended nutrients?

And why they are important in wound healing?

According to the Harvard “The nutrition Source”  “Protein is an essential macronutrient.” The article goes on to say “Protein is in every muscle, bone, skin, hair, and virtually everyone other body part or tissue! … There are at least 10,000 different proteins  that make you what you are.” 

Protein is a building block of our bodies, and we need all 20 different amino acids, 9 amino acids are considered essential because our body can’t make them, so they need to be part of our diet.  


Vitamin C: it is an antioxidant – (water-soluble) that promotes strong bones, cartilage, gums, collagen, fights infection and the list goes on, and on. Really good for wounds, colds, flu, infections, surgery, allergies, arthritis and the list goes on! 

Graphic by: Brooke Lark Unsplash

Probiotics: Beneficial bacteria is needed in the gut to  “control yeast, produce certain B vitamins & Vitamin K and is important for a well-functioning immune & digestive system.” The “good” bacteria can be killed off with the use of antibiotics. This is super important for wound healing! 

Vitamin D: So much new research on Vitamin D!  Dr. Brouse wrote “Beyond bone health, this natural wonder (Vita-D3) improves immune, heart, bowel and brain function”! And, most Americans are deficient, and it is essential for calcium absorption! 

What is the difference between D3 and D2? According to the Health Harvard newsletter, D2 is “produced by exposing ergosterol [irradiated]  from yeast to ultraviolet light, while D3 comes from fish or by exposing lanolin from sheeps’ wool to ultraviolet rays.”

Dr. Brouse states that “some research indicates that D2 is not as well metabolized as D3 and D2 accounts for nearly all reports of human toxicity.” Dr. Brouse goes on to say that research is finding vitamin D deficiency plays a much larger role in so many varieties of cancer as well as other diseases including osteoarthritis, chronic pain, birth defects, and the list goes on. https://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletter_article/vitamin-d2-or-d3

Vitamin E: is fat-soluble (fat-soluble means they are can be stored in the body) an antioxidant and protects cells against free radical damage. It improves circulation, promotes wound healing, slows the aging process, good for chronic gastro-intestinal disorders, infertility and so much more.

What is the difference between natural E and synthetic E?   According to Chiro.org “There is little difference between the natural and synthetic forms of most vitamins. BUT with vitamin E, natural is better.”

I can hear you ask “Why.”

How our bodies absorb E is the key to understanding which one you want to put into your body. Research has shown that “the natural vitamin E assimilates far better than synthetic versions.”   to increase the Vitamin E level in your body, research has shown that natural Vitamine E is more effective. 

How do you know which form of E you are buying? “Natural vitamin E is listed as d-alpha-tocopherol, d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, or d-alpha-tocopheryl succinate. In contrast, the synthetic form of vitamin E is labeled with a dl-prefix.” https://chiro.org/nutrition/FULL/Natural_vs_Synthetic_Vitamin_E.shtml

Alfalfa: is known as the “King of Plants.” Its roots can grow deep, 15 feet deep, and more! Imagine all the nutrients this plant is pulling from deep in the earth. Alfalfa is a  natural anti-histamine, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and is good for pain relief and is a diuretic. It is very cleansing and improves digestion. There is a very long list of what issues Alfalfa can help with, including slow tissue healing, muscle or joint aches/pains/stiffness/swelling, allergies, asthma, elimination issues, skin issues menopause, water retention, just to name a few!

The rule of thumb is to take 1 tablet per 10 pounds of body weight, in divided doses with meals. Listen to your body and always consult with your health care practitioner. 


Vitamin B- Complex

Vitamin B-Complex: Includes 8 vitamins! It is water-soluble – (it can’t be stored in the body, so you need B daily). B is also known as the “Stress vitamins” or “happy vitamins” because be vitamins are “burned off” by stress, infection, sugar, alcohol and so much more. Yet B vities are helpful for immune functioning, antibody products, nerve function, and skin and hair, and so much more including anti-aging!  When do we need the B-Complex? When we are stressed, tired, have ADD, circulation issues, hormonal issues, migraines, and so much more! 

B is complex of 8 different vitiamins. In nature, the comments are not mathematically – so when looking at a B-complex it needs to be “balanced according to the laws of nature and in an optimum ratio for body requirements. “ according to “why Do I Feel This Way?” book.

Garlic: Why is garlic on the list of Essentials? It’s super versatile! It helps your immune system, kills viruses, helps nutrient absorption, and prevents the “bad” bacteria from growing! It also speeds up tissue healing and so much more.  The Garlic that I take also has Spearmint & Rosemary in it which means it has very little taste or order. And, this powerhouse isn’t released until it’s hydrated in the stomach.



I just went thru double mastectomy surgery beg. of March and it took me >4 mos to heal and I have been on most of the shelf >5 yrs. I used all that was mentioned in the post; 180 or Life protein (I didn’t do it daily but should have), Vita-Lea Gold, Sustained C, B-complex, D3, Vita E, OmegaGuard, probiotic, Nutriferon, Zinc, sometimes Alfalfa (if feet swelling), Lecithin, (I’m 65)

I know this is after the fact, but for future help: I grounded up our “go-to” supplements: Multi, C, Garlic & Nutriferon in the Life Shake and put it in the feeding tube twice a day. All the doctors and nurses commented on how wonderful my husband’s skin was and how quickly things healed on him.

Manuka honey applied to a wound can help with healing.

PROTEIN!!! They need to consume protein to heal! When I had my C-section I had a 1/4 inch section that would not heal/close. They sent me to wound care and said to eat more protein than I normally would. I drank shakes and ate tons of chicken to get it to heal!

I heard this too back years ago. I fell in the garden and gashed my knee! I cleaned the wound, dried it, and put Vivix directly on the wound. A little sting but 3 days later, a daycare parent who had seen the original wound said, ” I feel like I’m in an episode of Star Trek and you’ve seen the healer!” He couldn’t believe how quickly and thoroughly it healed – and we’re talking about 66 yr old skin then. Unorthodox? Yup. Worth the chance? I’d say so.

Vita-Books Testimonials:

Hip Replacement – Pat “Accelerated Rate Of Healing”

When I had my hip replacement in 1988, the doctor expressed concern re: the polio and the effects on my legs.  He told me I would have to be in the hospital at least 10 days.  He was shocked when he saw how I was healing.  I went home in 6 days, a day sooner than most patients without the complications I had.

I fell and broke my left femur and “blew up” the knee joint in 1992.  The doctor told me that he wasn’t sure he could put it all back together.  He said the bone would be brittle and undersized, and there would not have adequate circulation to effect healing.  I was pretty knocked out from pain meds, so I didn’t get the meaning of what he said…..I might lose the leg.

After surgery, he told me that the bone was very healthy with more than sufficient blood flow to the area.  He told me that he “had blood all over the place during the surgery”.  He also told me he rarely sees a woman with hemoglobin of 14.  He put enough pins, screws, and bolts in the leg to hold til Kingdom come.

The doc came in 5 days after the surgery.  I asked him how long before the sutures should come out.  He said that in most cases he would take them out in a week, but since my leg “was underdeveloped with compromised circulation,” he was planning to leave them in for at least another 5 to 6 days.  I suggested that he might want to look at the suture line.  When he removed the dressing and looked at the wound, he told the nurse to take the sutures out right away.  The incision line had healed and the skin was beginning to react to the stitches. This doc also told me that I would be using a walker for the rest of my life.  I told him I had no intention of using a walker that long.  In a month I was walking with my usual Canadian Crutch. Although I patiently explained my accelerated rate of healing and vibrant health, he blew it off as nonsense.

I am now 62 years old, look 52 and am on the go all the time.  I had always worried about having to be in a nursing home when I reached 60.  Thanks to my “go-to” supplements that  I have been taking it for 26 years, I feel wonderful and continue to live an active fun-filled life.

Pat Cudahy

Wound Healing – Dad’s Miracle

Dad recently had his 80th birthday and moved into a nursing home in Houston, TX. He lost one leg to diabetes, has had two strokes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. He incurred several wounds on his leg and due to poor circulation, they would not heal. Two of these wounds were deep and tunneling toward the bone. This was of great concern as wounds like these were the reason the other leg had to be amputated. We sought the doctor’s help and they had him on a variety of meds, antibiotics, topical ointments, and strong pain killers. He was hospitalized twice because the pain was so unbearable. After six months with no improvement, the doctors had done all they could and offered no hope.

I called my friend and asked for nutritional guidance. We got him started with a variety of vitamins immediately. A month later Vivix became available. Within three and a half months of being on Vivix his MIRACLE came! The wounds completely healed. This product is incredible. My dad tired of taking all the pills and chose to quit taking ALL medications and vitamins the 2nd month of being on VIVIX. He would only consent to the VIVIX because he liked the taste. I am so thankful for this wonderful healing product because it stood alone in dealing with all the sickness in my Dads body. The nurses tell me his blood pressure is normal and sugar levels are good. I give GOD all the GLORY for pointing us in the Shaklee direction.

Dorita Grantz




Web Links:










Cindy Myerswww.YourEnergyHealer

Lada Korol – https://www.messagesfromthedivine.com/






Vita Books – Testimonials

“Build a Better You” by Dr. Richard Brouce

“A Study Course In nutrition” by Dr. Forrest Shaklee, Sr.

“Why Do I Feel This Way?” Understand your body. Discover Your Solutions. By Christine Gaber, RHn and Charlene Day, RDC

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