Diet and Running Nutrition – dialing it in

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Dropped another pound (dieting with Cinch)! YES! Losing weight AND training for the Eugene 1/2 Marathon!

So many times I have dieted and trained and felt whippy, I just didn’t have enough energy for the long runs, etc. etc. Does that sound familiar?

I am a regular average, post menopausal women, on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I’m still  just trying to lose some “baby fat” and have fun!

Last weekend is a good  example of healthy weight loss. I rode my Mt. Bike on Saturday with the Disciples of Dirt (thanks! You all were great!) and burned over 800 calories (Thanks Garmin 305! 🙂 ).

Sunday I ran 11 miles (did NOT break any speed records, but hey, I  did finish and my sore knee survived! Thanks Chi running!) and I burned about 1000 calories!  And I haven’t even mentioned the bike training and swim work outs that I do weekly!  OK, this may sound crazy, but as an ex smoker, if I can do this, then you can do this.  We all start with one foot in front of the other.

OK, for my friends who have been asking me what am I doing that is helping me build my endurance so I can do these kinds of work outs at my age (59, and as a  non athletic, x-smoker and party animal) here is what I’m doing.

I have found the nutritional products that work for me, and am dialing in exactly what it takes to fuel me, and my training program.

Every day I start off with a Shaklee Cinch shake (with Leucine to build muscle and burn fat). On the days when I train early I eat 1/2 a meal bar instead. There is something about these bars that don’t hammer my stomach.

For each activity I drink Shaklee Performance to keep me hydrated and functioning.

For energy I chew a Shaklee Energy Chew or 2. You know, I figured if the chews were good enough for the U.S. Olympic Ski and Snow Boarding team (they won how many medals? 14?) then it would probably work for me!

And then, the piece I was missing, until I talked with the Wise Guys (Cinch Masters) was to rebuild right away with Physique!

It’s working for me! I’m so excited!

Hope this helps to answer some of your questions on fueling. Please feel free to contact me with questions. Also, I stock most of these products in my office, so delivery is super easy.


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