Diet and Running – still on track!

by | May 8, 2012 | Healthy Living, Lifestyle | 0 comments

So glad that everyday week starts anew. Aren’t you?

This week I’m really, truly going to get all my works out – seriously! 🙂

So far, Sunday did my long run, Monday Pilaties in the morning, and a bike workout on the computrainer at Multi Sport in the afternoon. Tuesday swim at noon, and slow hill run with the dog (between the dog and my sore but healing knee – we are doing “slow” and just grateful to be moving!!!) this afternoon.

The Eugene 1/2 Marathon is May 1st!

It’s right around the corner! Yikes. Since I’m bound and determined to drop these last 8 lbs (hurray, use to be last 10+ lbs!) I’m really working on dialing in my nutrition.  After a heavy calorific  burn day, I totally forgot to do some basic refueling! No one I was so tired and brain dead. Duh! Next time I did bring  some Physique (for quick recovery!) with me to drink after wards, what a difference! Dialing in the nutrition! 🙂

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