Diet, I’m about 7 weeks into my “I”m actually paying attention to what I’m eating” diet

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Diet – losing weight — getting fit — It’s time for me to share – out loud, in front of EVERYONE! I’m seriously working on losing weight. I am having success, and I’m also having some slip ups here and there.

I”m a regular ordinary everyday post menopausal women. I’m not Olympic Athletic, not even a fantasy! 🙂  I stopped smoking about 8 ish years ago, and needed something else to do! So, I found a walking group to join. I have not done any kind of sports since Jr. High School (many, many moons ago). Well, I don’t know if you can call a Chinese fire drill in a parking lot, with a parked car a sport…

Since I have done just about every diet conceived by man, I decided to go healthy and do something balanced, a diet that will burn fat and leave the muscle (which, trust me, not all diets do!) and help me to build up my health, not tear it down.  What did I choose. I’m doing the Cinch Inch loss plan from Shaklee. I know, I know, we all can lose the weight by our selfs, we don’t need to “buy” that “special” stuff to lose yet. Yep, that is all true, and I’m still 20 lbs over weight! So, this time and doing it by the book. And the Wise Guys are helping. They are awesome. More about them later.

I will start posting my weight in’s, my exercise’s, and my food intake in the days to come. We shall see what happens, if it really works, how painful it is!

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