From not enough, to abundance

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With a  little help from her Master Mind Group…

The day started out pretty pleasant – it’s Sunday, and I slept in! Awesome!

I have been noticing the last couple of days/weeks, that something was “off” but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Anyway, I’m working on dropping those “last 10 pounds” – you know those pounds that have been hanging around for eons!  So I have been doing a whole lot more exercise – which is paying off!

Today the plan was to run/fast walk the bike path along the Willamette River. I really enjoy watching the river, and all the animals and plants, the roses that are part of this very special area, and all the other people who are out, doing the same thing!

Before I left the house, I got on the scale… (back to the pounds thing…)

And now it starts to get weird…


I see the number on the scale (I have lost!), and I’m disappointed!  It’s not enough!

I am totally ignoring, totally blowing off, that the scale is moving in the right direction! Down!

It’s not “enough.” Have you done that to yourself? Instead of being proud of your accomplishment, you belittle it, because it’s “not enough”? And this negative energy, just seems to sit, heavy and not fun.

Being the positive person I’m learning to be, I went for my run – I’m really enjoying that exercise really does help me to lose weight and clear my head, and helps my mood! And, I love seeing how many calories I have burned during my exercise!  Very motivating for me!

About 3 miles into my run,  I come through Alton Baker Park – lots of folks out walking, running, strolling, roller blading, sitting and enjoying, biking… and  I see a group of ladies on bikes, that have stopped by the side of the bike path, laughing, having fun, and clearly feeling great!

As I was enjoying their enjoyment, I noticed that one of the ladies looked familiar – it was Kathleen Gage (Power Up For What fun! I said hi to her as I ran by – enjoying the awesome vibes from this group of women!

On with my run I usually listen to a book (multi-tasking) and I have found that it keeps me entertained, so I can keep going – instead of getting a bit bored, and stopping. Today I picked an audio book by David Allen, reading his phenomenal book “Getting Things Done.”  As I ran,  I’m thinking about how to clean out my email inbox!

Willamette River

About mile 6, I came over the Valley River Bridge, and  I see these same ladies, stopped on the bridge, looking out at the Willamette River as it flows under the bridge. They were talking, and laughing and clearly enjoying them self’s, the company they were in, and the day!

So I did what any good local person would do. I asked them if they would like me to take their picture.They did!

So I did.

And you know, that was when I received more than I gave.

This was Kathleen Gages’ Platinum Master Mind group.  These women had flown in from all over the country, to spend time with Kathleen Gage, and each other, here in Eugene Oregon!

And, as if that wasn’t enough awesome/positive energy, it turns out that Cathy Demers from the Business Success Café, who I listen to, is in her Master Mind group! She is one of the ladies with this group, who is clearly enjoying life.

For me, this was actually what I needed! To be around successful, playful women, enjoying life and creating abundance in their lives, and the lives of their clients! Whew!

For a while now, my abundance energy has been off. My being plugged into the universe – was a bit plugged up, instead of flowing.

Having this short interaction with these positive, successful ladies, feeling their awesome energy and vibe, really helped me to shift my energy!

Thank you ladies, for being who you are and for being in the perfect place!

I’m feeling so blessed.

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