Skin, Aging, Face to the world!

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Hurray, it’s summer here, today, in Western Oregon.

Time to play outside in the SUN shine! Very surprising since it’s wet here 9, 10 or so months in the year.

Skin, Aging – our skin is now exposed!

What is an aging spirited fitness Diva to do? Did I mention I was born a sun seeking So Cal girl?

1. Look at what you are using on your face and skin now.

Uck! You just read the label, didn’t you.

Want to know what that stuff is? All the long words?

Click me if you want to know what you should be putting on your skin!

2. Start using stuff that is good for you, the planet and your wallet!

I loved the stuff I was using, and had no interest in changing products. As a sales person, I thought I better try my own line of products :-).

I was so surprised, after I started using the Enfuselle line by Shaklee. The products really are better than what I was using!

And, Shaklee has the scientific data – the research – to prove what I was feeling and seeing on my face! Wow!

Want  to see what I switched to?

Click here:

Click here:
Do you know what the sun can do to your skin?

This first pic, is before, with out UV light to see the damage to her skin.

Then, the turn on the UV light, which shows the damage to her skin

After using the Enfuselle line of products (natural, healing, good for you) we see less damage to her skin using the UV light.

Which skin are you in?


Shaklee sun lotion!


Want to shop from the convenience of your own computer/iphone, and have it delivered?

Click here to shop at our Shaklee store:

Thanks for joining me on this journey to a healthier and fitter  lifestyle, while I look and feel marvelous all the way to the exit ramp!

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